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Breakup Poems | The Love Quotes Encyclopedia

Breakup Poems | The Love Quotes Encyclopedia

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breakup poems

breakup poems #1

Don't shut love out by saying it's impossible to find time. Love is an unconditional gift ... The quickest way to receive love, is to give it ... The quickest way to lose love, is to hold it too tightly ... The best way to keep love, is to give it wings.


breakup poems #2

When you love someone,
And you love them with your heart,
It never disappears
When you're apart.
And when you love someone
And you've done all you can do,
You set them free,
And if that love was true....
When you love someone
It will all come back to you

From the movie FORGET PARIS

breakup poems #3

It is better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.


breakup poems #4

Some of us think holding on makes us strong;
But sometimes it is letting go.


breakup poems #5

Love should not easily be forgotten or left


breakup poems #6

To love somebody
who doesn't love you,
Is like going to a temple
And worshipping the behind
Of a wooden statue ...
Of a hungry devil.


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Breakup Poems | The Love Quotes Encyclopedia