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10 Love Quotes for your Facebook Profile

Social networking through the internet has become an essential part of our   communication with friends and family members all over the world.  Facebook in particular has taken the world by storm, it has become part of people’s identities, having a Facebook account is practically like having a passport, almost everyone has one!  Teenagers as well as adults spend hours on it, editing their profile page, adding pictures, posting comments, talking to friends etc… One intelligent way to decorate your Facebook profile is to add Facebook quotes.  The Facebook Quotes that you choose can say a lot about you; they illustrate you mood, reveal your likes and dislikes and state what you stand for and your philosophies in life.

Here are 10 of our favorites love quotes that you may want to consider for your Facebook profile:

  • All, everything that I understand,
    I understand only because I love. (Tolstoy)

  • Don’t talk of love, show me.(My Fair Lady)

  • Love builds highways out of dead ends.

  • Does God punish or reward us with love?

  • ….A simple I  love you means more than money…. (Frank Sinatra)

  • My Love for you is a Journey
    Starting at forever,
    And ending at never

  • At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet. (Plato)

  • You cannot produce a baby in one month by impregnating nine women. (LOL)

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19 Responses to “10 Love Quotes for your Facebook Profile”

  • Alex:

    This quote “women are like tea bags, you never know how strong they really are until you put them in hot water” just calls to me in a very special way and the picture is just fabulous…. It reminds me of my mother, so sweet and kind yet life has put us through a few tests where the person that appeared like a little, helpless kitten turned out to be a strong and unbeatable lioness…Women really show another side when their strength is needed! Love that quote!

  • Michelle:

    Hummm….. there is some food for thoughts! Does God punish or reward us with love? … what do you guys think….I tend to agree with both actually! God really does reward us with love, is life even worth living without love? No, love is what makes life worth while and makes us happy, and gives us goals and motivations but unfortunately the lack and loss of love is what gives us the most suffering…so it is a catch 20…but never ignore love from fear of the pain it may cause…even the pain means we are alive!

  • Jermaine:

    Oh man, oh man….if only I knew the depth of the meaning of that quote “You cannot produce a baby in one month by impregnating nine women” would I have practiced my patience, tried to enjoy things….when we are young, we rush through things and try to jump through the loops and sometimes we simply miss the forest from the tree.

  • Dana:

    I always thought that poetry the beautiful aspect of the soul and yes, indeed, I tend to agree with Plato: “At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.” How true. No wonder Plato is one of the biggest geniuses of philosophy of all times. When I am with my beautiful fiance Shan, it seems that poetic, beautiful words seem to come out of me naturally.I surprise myself sometimes lol. He just brings out the poet in me, it is that simple

  • adrianna:

    i like the tea bags cute or what im a zoo keeper for the lion

  • Brandon:

    I hate that everytime you walk by i stare at you and everytime i see you you take my breath away and i hate that no matter what you say or do i always find my self loving you !!

  • Love is in the air. . .
    But I can’t see the air so niether love I see..

    True Love only knocks once. . .
    But my heart can’t hear if someone will be knocking on it..

    If people meant for each other no matter what they will still be together,coz Love will them back where their hearts trully belongs to.

  • As much as I hate LOVE…
    They keep on tempting me…
    So join the Love-team and make them suffer..

  • Dustin:

    Im a guy lol (obviously! hihi) Nice to see all you ladies commenting on quotes that are describing yourselves as a gender. Lately i find myself in the love story and love movie mode witch is what lead me to here haha… Anyway the tea bag quote is very good and cute. A great girl is everything a good guy needs. Keep it up ladies. You guys do put up with a lot of sh*t 😉

  • Boah:

    Girls will never be like they ever was. I am in love with the above quote.

  • Oluwaseun Salisu:

    cute quotes u got here,they are all charming.I love poems and quote

  • jeffrey:

    can the phrase ‘love’ buy anything?

  • Oluwaseun Salisu:

    I believe soo much in love………….

  • peter:

    you are doing great job.

  • Tree:

    I know i have taken some bad roads.. And made some bad mistakes.. :\

  • Love quotes:

    It is very good to see . It contains more information what i need .It contains famous words . Hats off to your site and post . . I like this site very much . . So thank you very much.




  • andy:

    Wow that so touching

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