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15 Love Quotes for your Valentine

Valentines is around the corner and as you scramble to get your gifts and plans, we thought of helping out with 15 love quotes that may inspire your Valentines Card writings and dedications. And feel free to add to this list any love quotes that are suitable for Valentines and that others may be inspired by.

  • This kind of certainty comes but just once in a lifetime!


  • Give me a kiss,
    Add to that kiss a score;
    Then to that twenty,
    Add a hundred more:
    A thousand to that hundred:
    So kiss on,
    To make that thousand up a million.
    Triple that million,
    And when that is done,
    Let’s kiss afresh,
    As when we first begun.


  • If you love someone you say it,…
    you say it right then, out loud,…
    or the moment just…
    passes you by

    From the movie MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING

  • Love doesn’t make the world go ’round.
    Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.


  • Out of a world of laughter
    Suddenly I am sad. . .
    Day and night it haunts me
    The kiss I never had.


  • Until I truly loved, I was alone.


  • I look at you looking at me,
    Now I know why the best things are free,
    How you’ve changed my world
    You’ll never know,
    I’m different now,
    You’ve helped me grow.

    From the song ANGEL OF MINE by MONICA

  • They say that a man is not a real one until he hears his name from the lips of a woman… It could be.


  • A day is not wasted
    If a memory is made


  • I know it’s probably impossible that we will ever be together….But, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a few laughs together, you know.
    I’ll take whatever you can give cause I’m just happy to be with you!

    From the movie GOOD MORNING VIETNAM

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13 Responses to “15 Love Quotes for your Valentine”

  • Julie:

    OMG! Is that picture with the Kids adorable or what!!!! Can we order some of your love picture quote as postcards or pictures in Frames? I would love to give that one as a Valentines Gift to my darling Hubby! True we are no more kids but being with the one you love is sure like having a piece a heaven! I truly think that loving the right person is the greastest blessing bestowed upon us (can I copyright this quote as Julie’s valentines Quote lol)

  • Germaine:

    So true, so true: UNTIL I TRULY LOVED, I WAS ALONE. People thaink that they have to be loved to be conquer loneliness, but what they miss out on is that loving is just as fullfilling as being loved or nor more….you can only feel that tingle, that need to please and desire to do so if you love immensely, only then is being loved enjoyable…otherwise it is a just a conpany that is filling an empty space till something better comes along! Happy Valentine everybody

  • Johny:

    I totally Agree with that quote from my Best Friend’s wedding, when you love somebody you gotta say it before the moment passes and you spend a lot of time simply regretting it and wondering what if! In fact, this Valentine I am going to tell M.K, this girl in my class that I had a crush on for a long time…I figured, I’d better tell her and you never know, even if she rejects at least I will know! So wish me luck and I wish all of you out there lots of love

  • Sarah:

    Sidney King Russel wrote about the kiss that haunts him, the kiss he never had even in the midst of laughter. I like that quote for it hits a nerve with me, a friend of mine at work and I use to hang out all the time, we use to laugh, have lunch, make jokes at the office all the time…He made time go by fast and he filled my life but we were only friends, so many times we came close to kissing but never did, now we have seperate lives and it still haunts, I often dream of him but I don’t even know even he is single. Should I approach him on facebook?

  • edlen:

    it is so inspiring for those who are inlove.

  • awersome and good love quotes really inspired from it

  • mary:

    Happiness is so difficult to get

  • likequotes:

    love is so difficult to find…

  • Lovebird:

    i love true love… bad i dont have that.

  • The quotes were really very sweet inspirational.I just love them.I just wanna to thank for these little life giving thoughtsTHX

  • how beautiful love is!!it so great to love someone who loves you very much!!!!!but it’s hurt when he doesn’t…….:(

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