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5 Awesome Picture Quotes and Poems on Love and Friendship

Following are five of my favorite famous quotes and poems on love and friendship with accompanying illustrative pictures.

A) Elizabeth Browning will continue to live thanks to her How Do I Love Thee Poem

How do I love Thee Let Me Count the Ways

B) It’s a bit counter intuitive and tough to understand but sometimes letting go of the one we love is what sets the motion for destiny to bring them back if you two are really meant to be. The genius of Gibran Khalil Gibran shines through again both in the writing and illustration.

Love and break ups. Gibran Khalil Gibran

C)  The Fairy Tale: Isn’t this what we ultimately look for? That one day, out of the blue, one will come and sweep up off our feet and turn our normal life into a never ending fairy tale where we live happily ever after?

Love and Fairy Tales

D)  The Broken Heart: If only I knew

There are some truths in life and a broken heart is one for many and many of us.  And among these, the ones that matter are those that we took for granted and never really appreciated until it was too late.

Broken Heart Poem

E) And last but not least: The great mystery of love as eloquently put by Einstein. Really…What is love?

Famous love quotes

There you go. 5 pictures quotes and poems on 5 aspects of love and friendship. Which one do you like the most and why?

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11 Responses to “5 Awesome Picture Quotes and Poems on Love and Friendship”

  • Rhonda:

    If there is no magic, then nothing matters. I really need the fairy tale. So It’s C for me.

  • Prentiss:

    As someone that just had her heart broken, the D saying above rings painfully true. It sooo hurts. I spend my day wondering what I can do to reverse time and still hope that I’ll just wake up and all this was nothing but a nightmare. It’s my first break up and it really really sucks. What can I do to ease the pain?

  • Jane:

    That monkey picture is a phenomenal! It looks exactly like my best friend
    Danielle after she broke up with her boyfriend! Sometimes it so true tat you don t know what you’ve got until it’s gone

  • Mary:

    How do I Love thee? Let me count the ways.
    Ah!!!! What I would give for a boy to say this to me and truly mean it! Why don’t people speak as such anymore! This sentence so short and sweet yet so full of depth and romance, in a a few eloquent words, it explains how true love cannot be described in one sentence nor defined by one reason…I just love it!

  • TrueBlue:


    Hey Prentiss…I feel your pain. Been through my fair share of breakups and the pain will eventually ease. Always think of this not as an end but rather a new beginning. Your heart will find joy again.

  • Vinzoy:

    No one will ever break my heart!..You Know why? Coz my heart is already broken in the first place!

  • hany:

    nothing to say when he left me…….
    i really need u like i need my eyes,feets and hands……..i want u like i’m very hungry for food…….i miss u like i miss moonlight at night………..I LOVE U LIKE I LOVE aPARADISE…….(by.hani)

  • 2ding:

    i never ask for more,, i just want to be love … i really need u xo much.,, but i can’t force u to stay but set u free, u know how much i love u.. but sometime love juzt aint enough , thanx for the memories u shared ,,, even thou u hurt me badly. i do still love u,,, my heart still longging at u my love,,, pls take care love u always

  • Jessica Rice:

    i love these poems

  • abby:

    sweeett dawwg! i loverr thiss pictureee homiee G dizzle! ((((:

  • it’s B for me. i think it happened to me and believe me how i wish destiny has a reason why he leaved me. =|

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