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A Cute Friendship Quote

This surely is one of my favorite friendship quotes.

A famous czech proverb says:

cute friendship quote

cute friendship quote

“Do not protect yourself by a fence but rather by your friends”

What do you think about this quote?  Does it illustrate friendship well?

What are your favorite friendship quotes?

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2 Responses to “A Cute Friendship Quote”

  • YoWazzup:

    I totally agree. Life would really suck without my girlfriends. They really have been there for me and always managed to cheer me up when life took a hit at me. Power to the sistas. And Molly…If you are reading this…I love ya girl. I owe you a big one for Saturday. That jerk had it coming. XXXX

  • Lulu:

    I totally agree, good friends have your back more than security systems…sort of speak! My Girlfriends make me safe, when we go out partying, they usually do not let do anything stupid and if a guy hurts me they are at my place hanging out and trashing him lol…eating junk food, but hey it makes me feel better! My friends Xena, mary, Denise you are the best!

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