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Great Love Quotes on Love and Passion

So can love exist without passion or are love and passion so intermingled that we it is not possible for one to exist without the other?

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The Heart is an organ of fire!  I can’t agree less with The English Patient.  Love must transcend passion for it to thrive and flourish .

Love comes in all shapes and forms but passion is what makes the earth tremble beneath our feet, passion is a deep, overwhelming feeling of fervent love, mixed with an avid enthusiasm and a fanatical desire.

Passion Quotes

When you see a guy
Reach for stars in the sky,
You can bet that
He’s doin’ it for some doll

When you spot a John
Waiting out in the rain
Chances are he’s insane
As only a John
Can be for a Jane

With great passion comes the risk of encountering an even greater hurt and so some passion quotes can be quite angry such as this passion saying by jean Racine “The heart that can No longer love passionately, Must with fury hate” which is unfortunately often the case, the two opposite ends of passion!

Some people say that life is not worth living without passion, others believe that passion is irrational and will therefore lead to  regretful things. We believe that passion is everything when it is commanded by the head. How great it would be to think with passion, love with passion and live with passion.

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12 Responses to “Great Love Quotes on Love and Passion”

  • Katy:

    Falling in love is meeting ur true love on line seeing a pic of him and realize hes not gorgeous but you still love as much as u did before u seen his pic.

  • Claire:

    The heart is an Organ of fire, what does that mean exactly? It sounds really romantic but I never fully understood that famous love quote. I do love the movie English Patient, it is so passionate and maybe it means that loving someone is being on fire?

  • Skye:

    To the world you may not be the best thing that has ever happened… but to your true love, you are the best thing that has ever happened. And they want the same, to be the best thing that has ever happened to you. And they will never stop loving you, and you will never atop loving them.

  • samantha pilcher:

    sometimes you half to love anought to let them go love is not to last for ever specilaly when you know its painful when the guy that says he loves you is lieing to you when he says he loves you and when you know he a lier and a cheater. And it breaks you like broken glass that you can’t glue it back together because glass is unfixable…

  • Melissa:

    I fell in love and could not find enough words to express my depths of emotion, I came here and saw that he couldn’t find words either. Wow~how about I live him even more!

  • Kayla:

    Girls Are Like Apples On A Tree, The Boys Don’t Want to Reach For The Good Ones Because They Are Afraid Of Falling And Getting Hurt. Instead They Get The Ones On The Ground That Aren’t As Good But Easy. So The Apples On Top Think There’s Something Wrong With Them When In Reality they Are Amazing

  • 2ding:

    xo hard to explain whats the true meaning of falling inlove,, all i know is,,, love is unconditional… hard to express… i just fell it..

  • walk up to the person never minding what the person intend doing,express your feeling to the person and because person you can not propose to can not be your wife.

  • allyson:

    – ii feel in love with a boy at 11 years old . we told each other wwe loved each other we were offf & on . but we new we loved each other , he’s my best friend <3 i miss being with him every day , but its for the best , because i know one day we will be back together . but no matter how far we are apart nothing will ever change our love for each other .
    – allyson nicole rush .

  • So can love exist without passion or are love and passion so intermingled that we it is not possible for one to exist without the other?

  • I close my eyes to sleep but can’t,tought of u keep me awake i wounder if u think of me the same thing too because falling in love with u is becoming out of control especially at this time

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