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Sweet Love Poems

sweet love quotesSweet Love Poemssweet quotes

sweet love poems

sweet love poems #1
Eric: The little things used to mean so much to Shelley, I used to think they were trivial. Believe me nothing is trivial.

From the movie THE CROW

sweet love poems #2
Hope you sleep well and forever dream sweet,For I'll protect thee from thy reaper And death will never meet, Remember I love you and always like two doves,


sweet love poems #3
But for now, sir, I'm happy where I am, I feel no need for more Unless it be even more of your love, The one worth dying for.


sweet love poems #4
Oh, you've got to remember the love. You know love is a gift from up above. Spread love, give love, share it now. Measure your life in love.

From the musical RENT

sweet love poems #5
What counts is that you have looked for her everywhere; that makes her a special person in your world, and for a special person one should have only fine words.


sweet love poems #6
I could not tell fact from fiction Or if my dream was true The only sure prediction In this whole world was you...


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No man is worth your tears,
And when you find the one who is,
He will never make you cry.


While out on the beach there are two empty chairsThat say more than the people who ever sit there,From under my lone palm I can look out on the day.Where no bird flies by my windowNo ship is tied to my tree.Love is a wave building to a crescendo,Ride if you will,Ride it with me.


But oh Sarah!
If the dead can come back to this earth and flitter unseen around those they loved, I shall always be near you....
In the gladdest of days and in the darkest of nights, always...
Do not mourn me dead: Think I am gone and wait for me, For we shall meet again.


What though the radiance
which once was so bright,
Be now forever taken from my sight,
Though nothing can bring back
the hour of splendor
in the grass,
of glory in the flower,
We will grieve not,
rather find strength
in what remains behind.


As the rain falls from the sky,
So have I fallen for you.
As the thunder longs to be heard,
So I long to be loved by you.
As the lightening bolts across the sky,
So my heart bolts for you.
As the sun shines beautifully and brightly,
So does my smile because of you.
For without rain, there is no growth.
Without thunder, there is no sound.
Without lightening, there is no brightness.
Without sun, there is no warmth.
And without you, there is no love!


True love cannot be found
where it truly does not exist;
nor can it be hidden
where it truly does

From the movie KISSING A FOOL

It is impossible to love and to be wise.


You know, I have this awful paranoid thought
That feminism was mostly invented by men
So that they could like,
Fool around a little more

From the movie BEFORE SUNRISE

If I know what love is,
It is because of you.


Any couple's dream,
Wished with the same strength,
Will come true.


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