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Poems For Teens

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poems for teens #1
I was just a child
but you seemed like so much more
the way you would approach me
and drift across the floor
I'd see you in the hall
and you'd kiss me with a smile
I never understood
Why was I even worth the while?
The other kids at school
they would hate me and they'd spit
cuz I was just a no one
to them I wasn't shit
but you would always hold me
and stand there by my side
we were only 17
we'd be together till we died


poems for teens #2
I love you.
I love every little thing about you
Your sexy smile, the sound of your voice,
The magic in your eyes.
I love your gentle touch
And the warmth I feel at your side
I love dreaming about you.
I love discovering you and letting go with you.
I love each and every
Once-in-a-lifetime moment I share with you...


poems for teens #3
When I looked in your eyes, I knew it was true,
My heart never lies, I was in Love with you.
As you stood there, just looking around,
My whole body melted, into the ground.
I remember the day, I remember the time,
I remember the place, still on my mind.
You looked so good in your shirt & jeans,
I remember that night, you were in my dreams.
I wish I could be with you, day after day,
Because I love you
More than words could ever say


poems for teens #4
Love is ... running into his arms,
Colliding with his heart,
And exploding into his soul.


More great love quotes from The Love Quotes Encyclopedia:

There is a land of the living
And a land of the dead
And the bridge is love...
The only survival, the only meaning


The more you love, the more you can love---
And the more intensely you love.
Nor is there any limit on how many you can love


If every time I thought of you
I put a rock in my pocket,
I would have you in my heart
and the world in my pocket.


You gotta laugh, it's the only way to true love

From the movie MICHAEL

The heart wants what it wants....
There's no logic to those things


Advice is like snow; the softer it falls,
the longer it dwells upon,
and the deeper it sinks into the mind.


Absence is to love
What wind is to fire;
It extinguishes the small,
It enkindles the great


The whole world loves a lover is an interesting theory, but a very bad legal defense


If words could fall like raindrops
From these lips of mine
And if I had a thousand years
I'd still run out of time
To express my love for you
I cannot even start
All the words now fail me
You have to read my heart.


If you want him to fall head over heels,
Give him something to trip over!


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Looking for poems for teens? You will find a great selection of poems for teens here on The Love Quotes Encyclopedia.