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Teenage Love Poems

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teenage love poems

teenage love poems #1
I have loved to the point of madness;
That which is called madness,
That which to me,
Is the only sensible way to love


teenage love poems #2
Your voice makes me tremble inside
And your smile is an invitation
For my imagination to go wild


teenage love poems #3
In a sense our love is like a rose
That blooms into something beautiful,
Yet unlike the rose
Our love will never die


teenage love poems #4
You've gotta win a little,
Lose a little
And always have the blues
Just a little,
That's the story of,
That's the glory of love

From the movie BEACHES

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When you love someone,
And you love them with your heart,
It never disappears
When you're apart.
And when you love someone
And you've done all you can do,
You set them free,
And if that love was true....
When you love someone
It will all come back to you

From the movie FORGET PARIS

'I did not know you were traveling too.
Why?' she said, letting fall the hand with which she was about to take hold of the handrail. And her face shown with irrepressible joy and animation.'Why?' he repeated, looking straight into her eyes. 'You know I am going in order to be where you are' he said. 'I can't help it.'


Here's looking at you kid.

From the movie CASABLANCA

Alejandro: Do you surrender?
Elena Montero: No, but I may scream.
Alejandro: I sometimes have that effect.

From the movie THE MASK OF ZORRO

Do you think there is anyone anywhere
Right now who's doing exactly the
Same thing we are?
AJ: I hope so, or else what are we trying to save?

From the movie ARMAGEDDON

If love is the answer,
Could you rephrase the question?


If she undervalues me,
What care I how fair she be?


There is abundant testimony
That if we choose love rather than self,
We gain immeasurably


Love will not appear in command by one's heart,
But will reveal itself one way or another unexpectedly.


I just want a boyfriend who's not crazy!
We all want that dear, but it doesn't exist!

From the movie AS GOOD AS IT GETS

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Looking for teenage love poems? You will find a great selection of teenage love poems here on The Love Quotes Encyclopedia.