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Teenage Poems

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teenage poems #1
Once upon a time there was a girl I knew, who lived across
the street. Brown hair, brown eyes. When she smiled, I smiled.
When she cried, I cried. Every single thing that ever happened
to me that mattered, in some way, had to do with her. That day
Winnie and I promised each other that no matter what, we'd be
together. It was a promise full of passion and truth and wisdom.
It was the kind of promise that can only come from the hearts of
the very young.


teenage poems #2
I love you
Because the Earth turns
Round the sun
Because the North wind
Blows north sometimes
Because the Pope is Catholic
And most Rabbis Jewish
Because winters flow into springs
And the air clears after a storm
Because only my love for you
Despite the charms of gravity
Keeps me from falling off this Earth
Into another dimension
I love you
Because it is the natural order of things


teenage poems #3
A heart is not a plaything
A heart is not a toy
But if you want it broken
Just give it to a boy

Boys, they like to play with things
To see what makes them run
But when it comes to kissing
They do it just for fun

Boys never give their hearts away
They play us girls for fools
They wait until we give our hearts
And then they play it cool

You will wonder where he is at night
You will wonder if he is true
One moment you'll be happy
One moment you'll be blue

If you get a chance to see him
Your heart begins to dance
Your life revolves around him
There is nothing like romance

And then it starts to happen
You worry day and night
You see my friend, you're losing him
It never turns out right

Boys are great although immature
The price you pay is high
He may seem sweet and gorgeous
But remember he's just a guy

Don't fall in love with just a boy
That takes a lot of nerve
You see my friend, you need a man
To get what you deserve

So when you think you'll be in love
Be careful if you can
Before you give your heart away
Make sure that he's a man.


teenage poems #4
They didn't set the boundaries,
They didn't draw that line,
They only know how they feel inside.
Maybe they're young and learnin'
Oh but they're no fools.
Here in their little world,
Love Rules


More great love quotes from The Love Quotes Encyclopedia:

Warm like a summer's breeze
Soft as a night's whisper
Deep as the bluest sea
The fullness of love
Unbound and free
Shine on me in the night
With starlit glow
And mellow my day with your desires
That in my step I am light and free
And in my sleep I am content
And at rest...


Soldiers and dreams are like lovers
That come without warning
And take you by surprise
When you think you must make it alone
Sooner or later their presence is only a memory
But you know that without them
You'd never have rolled back the stone
My darling once told me
That loving was better than living
And I told her survival for me
Was the easier game
I couldn't live with her
And now it's I can't live without her
I thought I'd feel different
But somehow I still feel the same

From the song THE LOVERS by THE FUREYS

Two people do not have to agree on what is right to be together.
They just have to want to be together.
If that sounds simple, try it sometime.


With the depth of a bottomless pit
I sink into your eyes.
Through that window I enter a void,
where I wish to be.
Breeze-like kisses on your soft face
my lips secretly wish.
Between the wall and me
there is only you and two heart beats.
Why must a wrong feel like this and,
why do your hands  touch beyond skin?
Ecstasy from the nothing,
desire beyond any control.
The want to make you feel
...like a woman,
a reason  you were looking for,
...to believe. 


Love is when thoughts of but one man fill your heart, when he means more than life to you, when you know you would do anything for him and shall die if he is taken from you. Desire is when you ache to see him and touch him, when he causes your body to burn and tremble. Desire does not demand love before it can ensnare you, but desire with love creates a powerful bond


Loving someone, is giving that someone the power to hurt you...


Why is it when a relationship doesn't work,
We say it's because he can't commit?
Don't I bear some of the blame here?

From the movie BEAUTIFUL GIRLS

Kindness in words creates confidence,
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness,
Kindness in giving creates love


You're the reason I live,
You're the reason I die,
You're the reason I give
When I break down and cry-
Don't need no reason why;
Baby, you're my angel

From the song ANGEL by AEROSMITH

A woman unsatisfied must have luxuries.

But a woman who loves a man
Would sleep on a board


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Looking for teenage poems? You will find a great selection of teenage poems here on The Love Quotes Encyclopedia.